For over two decades, clients have advanced their missions from thoughtful communications and strategic efforts to develop products and reach markets.

Writing and editing

Think pieces such as white papers, reports, series

Web content and social media support

Expert interviewing skills

Features and long-form journalism

Strategic communications and marketing

Create messaging and positioning

Strategic public relations projects, media positioning, brand creation and development

Presentations, all parts of the value chain

High-level management communications support

Help with complex sales and marketing communiques requiring multiple steps

Public education and awareness programs, as team lead or contributor

Analysis or knowledge work

  • Research, analysis and application

  • Investor relations support

  • Creative solutions and approaches

  • Thought leadership development, with over two decades of experience

  • Identify new markets, opportunities, and relationship building efforts

  • Business plan development

  • Strategic marketing intelligence


Knowledge Work Defined and Examples

Definition (applied): Using data, information, and trends and event analysis to communicate to an intended audience in a way that persuades, influences or offers insights. These types of communications have strategic marketing value whether in sales, product development or other meaningful value-creating opportunities for firms and organizations. Well-written verse is a requirement, as well as breaking down possibly complex subjects and their related communication challenges.

Selected highlights:

Marketing Knowledge (timeless)

Organizations often have untapped, untold treasures of knowledge. I help harness, develop and produce the internal "resources" that can achieve strategic goals or create new pathways to realize organizational value. Having worked with higher learning organizations for over two decades, this application of knowledge is becoming increasingly popular in the age of Internet and web-based communications platforms. Marketing "intelligence" has come of age. The financial services industry was really an early adopter of this trend, in my view. Large consultancies have led the pack since the mid-2000s. Every industry, based on their offerings and distribution channels, has a unique capacity for this type of communication that markets. I started on this path as a grad student in London, pre-dating the big data revolution of the present and its new applications.

Energy trends analysis (2000- present)

In the early 2000s, after being commissioned to write an energy trends feature for an energy executive, the area of energy and natural resources became a discipline of high interest. With a background in economics, global affairs and finance, the vast subject of energy suited the skill sets already employed. The field of energy, with its many related disciplines, is in need of communications' interventions. The public, and even educated energy buffs, have a strong appetite for understanding this constantly evolving, complex subject. My column is one way I explore the energy space.

China, India and global affairs work (1996-present)

Since 1996, numerous projects related to developments in China were concluded. At that time, I was part of a team that disseminated findings to multinationals creating the first joint ventures. In the mid-2000s, China's energy trends became a focal point and interest through journalistic and research efforts. Research and writings about India's development and infrastructure, a hot topic over a five-year period, were also part of knowledge efforts. Over a two-plus year period, as chief executive of a global affairs nonprofit, about 60 programs, panels and keynotes were produced. Alongside the programs, "Global Themes" briefs based on interviews with top-level leaders and experts were created on topics ranging from various countries and transnational subjects to global economics issues. A popular blog representing current events and thought leadership was also created.

Financial Products (2000-2010)

Analyzing trends in financial services to invigorate sales and training. Explaining annuities and retirement savings options in a world where behavioral finance is in vogue.

In the mid-2000s, I was commissioned to analyze trends in investment products and the differences between insurance products like annuities compared to investment products -- mutual funds, savings vehicles, stock portfolios, etc. The efforts lead to breakthrough presentations for sales professionals and consumer/client communications and marketing materials. Later, a targeted website was developed in 2007-2010 to house the many marketing and educational offerings: a blog, marketing and sales guides, and professionals-only white papers and reports. These activities resulted in successful sales efforts according to producers.

Financial Services (1991 - 1999)

In health care and insurance, using data and information in novels ways, what I call early "knowledge" work. Data analysis and an understanding of behavioral finance underpinned educational sales/marketing collateral for a complex product.

In the early- to mid-90s, I began sifting through reams of health care information, data and demographics to identify opportunities for educating consumers. In order to market long term care (LTC) insurance, the darling insurance product at the time, the potential client needed to under their risk. I compiled risk statistics, health care outcomes and disease states, and other relevant information to build the case for needing LTC insurance for an industry leader. Several print brochures and novel guides became an industry standard, leading to successful sales and marketing campaigns. This was using data analytics before the era of big data. The guides were in high demand, with many hundreds of thousands used in the field. Other related materials were developed in this way, including videos, deal pitches, lobbying efforts, PR campaigns, etc. One brochure, from the intelligence gathered over the period, revitalized a flat market in Medicare supplement insurance sales. All samples are in print, as these were pre-Internet times for distribution and the given demographic.