Interview on Financial Exchange Stock Talk, October 2018

Discussed green infrastructure financing firm Hannon Armstrong and Occidental Petroleum, highlighting the energy transition which includes the changing fortunes of fossil fuels and new sources of energy. Link

Q&A: Energy Outlook 2018, Seeking Alpha, December 2017

Seeking Alpha editor interview with Ms. Warren concerning the oil market and energy investment in 2018. Read More

Brazil Political & Economic Risk Project, May 2017

Intelligence firm commissioned research and analysis of an energy investment in Brazil.

Writings for Seeking Alpha, an investor community

Invited as an expert contributor. See profile page and articles

Presentation: "U.S. Shale Oil Trends and Implications," Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, Feb 26, 2014

Columnist of "Markets & Routes" for Energy Trends Insider

Column launched focusing on the economics of energy trends and markets in 2013 (currently inactive but a volume of posts) See the column list view

Global Brief: Cities as Opportunity and Threat, Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations

Urbanization is a significant driver of future economic opportunities and growth in developing countries. This brief explores the underlying characteristics of cities and their growth prospects given the emerging science and theory of cities. Dr. Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe Institute offers insights about his breakthrough research revealing the "universals" of cities and how we should be positioning cities in the future. Download the brief

Presentation: Development Research and Ideas as Iraq Rebuilds

Research about infrastructure development in India, in conjunction with a capital market approach, was presented. Leaders from Iraq visited the US to learn about infrastructure development and financing approaches. This included a preview of new research about China's energy and water infrastructure needs given potential climate change challenges. View the presentation. Received "Citizen Diplomat" recognition from U.S. Department of State.

Analysis Feature: “China's Green Future,” Far Eastern Economic Review, December 2008

With Obama's pledge about America's clean energy future, this strategic direction can help the U.S. out of its economic malaise and restore leadership on the issue of carbon-dioxide emissions reductions. Understanding China's huge energy-related challenges illuminates the out-sized opportunity for America. Beijing's energy goals can be fast-tracked with the help of American companies, and both countries will benefit from enhanced green trade routes. Download article

Analysis Feature: “Paving the Path for India's Growth,” Far Eastern Economic Review, March 2008

For India's rapid growth to continue, investment in infrastructure would need to double, from 5% of GDP to an estimated 9% by 2012 -- or $500 billion. Utilizing global capital markets and the private sector is the way forward for greater efficiency, transparency, and proper incentives. Incumbent approaches in financing infrastructure have shortcomings that encourage waste, inefficiency, and corruption. India is perfectly poised to leverage a new market-based approach for sustainable infrastructure development to the benefit of its economy, the Indian public, and global investors. Download article

Research: “Complementing Economic Advances in India: A New Approach in Financing Infrastructure Projects,” Journal of Structured Finance, Summer 2007

The use of global capital markets holds promise for India's continued economic development. View paper

Platform: The Retirement Security Institute

Creation of a co-development platform and knowledge company for new ideas, writings and projects about retirement security, 2007-2011.

Competition Paper: “Unleashing Latent Potential in Africa: Removing the Barriers in Financing Infrastructure”

Discusses how the need for infrastructure development inhibits growth and private sector involvement. A new approach to financing large-scale projects is revealed with implications for the international financial community and policymakers. Entered in the 2006 International Finance Corporation/Financial Times research paper competition. Download working paper