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SMU Cox faculty research site, 2004- present

“Financial Protectionism Deters Investment,”  September 2018.

Profiling of the Cox School of Business’ highly prolific researchers, a project which began in 2004 and continues to the present, with over 100-plus academic papers profiled. Select research by year here.

White paper: new energy exchange-traded fund, winter 2017

A financial services firm needed help with the investment rationale and positioning of a new innovative index, included concept development work, research, and writing for institutional investor audiences.


Body of work from D CEO magazine, 2007-present

Since the inception of D CEO, numerous articles related to Dallas-based energy firms, infrastructure giant Fluor, and leaders and trendsetters have been written. See the list

BOOK CHAPTER: “Targeting the Future: Smarter, Cleaner Infrastructure Development Choices” | Climate Change, November 2012

China and India, with their high economic growth trajectories, offer the planet a significant opportunity to reduce carbon emissions provided they invest in climate-smart infrastructure. The globe is also becoming increasingly water stressed. Understanding the energy-water-climate nexus is critical to achieving sustainable development. View chapter

Cover story: “Paving the Path for India's Growth” | Far Eastern Economic Review, March 2008, with co-author Dr. Andrew Chen, distinguished professor of finance

For India's rapid growth to continue, investment in infrastructure would need to double, from 5% of GDP to an estimated 9% by 2012 -- or $500 billion. Utilizing global capital markets and the private sector is the way forward for greater efficiency, transparency, and proper incentives. Incumbent approaches in financing infrastructure have shortcomings that encourage waste, inefficiency, and corruption. India is perfectly poised to leverage a new market-based approach for sustainable infrastructure development to the benefit of its economy, the Indian public, and global investors. Download article

FEATURE ARTICLE: “The Chinese Connection” | D CEO, January 2008

Profile of CEO Patrick Jenevein of Tang Energy, a U.S.-based energy firm focusing on wind energy development and green tech processes in power generation, with rich experience in China. Illustrates a firm uniquely addressing the pollution problem in China, one consequence of rapid economic growth and high demand for energy. Download article


Brazil Political & Economic Risk Analysis Project, May 2017

Intelligence firm client, with an ongoing relationship, commissioned research and analysis of a specific energy investment in Brazil.

Green bonds white paper, 2014

The nascent market for green bonds, which first began in Europe, is spreading to the U.S. Green bonds are a relatively new source of financing for the lower carbon future and resource efficiency projects.


SMU Cox faculty research site, thought leadership in action

“Financial Protectionism Deters Investment,” September 2018

Over 100-plus academic papers profiled from the disciplines of finance, information technology, strategy, management and marketing.