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Energy and Resources blog and website, "Markets & Routes." read more

Q&A with Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer, D CEO Oct. 2014 read more

Pioneering the New American Energy Boom
A D CEO Jan-Feb 2014 cover story


Targeting the Future: Smarter, Cleaner Infrastructure Development Choices
Nov 2012, Chapter in book, “Climate Change”
Understanding the energy-water-climate nexus is critical to achieving sustainable development, with a focus on India and China...>>

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Themes. Economics, development, finance, energy, environment and resource sustainability.

Country includes China, India, Australia, Pakistan-Afghanistan, Africa, and Europe.

Types include opinion editorials, features, reports, policy writings, blogs, and published academic research.


Project Illustrations


A journey to recognition.

Energy and Environment
Sustainable economies, modern and emerging

Markman Group

Adapting and leading in dynamic times.

Creatively Speaking
Telling other's stories.

Whimsically-selected samples, published or not.

Sweetwater Holdings

Tackling food security.

Presentation, Panels & Events

U.S. Shale Oil Trends and Implications.
Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, Feb 26, 2014.

Infrastructure Development Paths.
Visiting Iraqi provincial and municipal leaders arranged by the State Department, Aug 2010.

Global Gas and Energy Security.
panels, April and June 2011.

Water Security conference.
Invited for poster presentation at Oxford's "Water Security, Risk, and Society" conference April 2012, based on energy-water infrastructure research of last five years.

Retirement Security.
Keynote presentation “Charting Retirement Security in an Era of Uncertainty” was given at a conference for global pension funds.